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Cake for Emmilyn

"Thank you so much for your beautiful cake. Emmilyn loved it, as did her friends, both the design and also the taste. It disappeared very quickly indeed.  But I managed to save a bit for me and it was lovely. Thanks again" Mandy

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Wedding cake

"Oh my goodness, what a cake! You know how many brides don’t get a slice of the cake at their own wedding? Yeah, well I made up for a whole bunch of those poor ladies ;) . Despite the wild weather, we had the most amazing day. The cake made it over the hill superbly and was incredibly delicious. We have a pretty decent left over piece of lemon-passion that we’re going to freeze for an anniversary or christening. Although, it’s the strangest thing – I’m pretty sure it was intact when we got it on Sunday, yet now I keep finding fork marks all over it… ;) Thanks so much for all your help. The cake really was perfect...

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